What is a Personal Brand?

It's not just about your logo and colours; it's what makes your audience think of you. Let me explain.



8/31/20232 min read

pink and white cards and photos
pink and white cards and photos

Okay, when I started learning about how to build a personal brand - all I could think was "what the heck do you mean if you're not talking about logos, colours and fonts?".

Let me explain.

Your personal brand is the distinct combination of your values, passions, skills, and expertise that sets you apart from others.

It's what makes you, well....YOU. Uniquely you.

Think of your Personal Brand as how people perceive you, your qualities, and what you bring to the table, magnified across various platforms.

Okay, I'll try to give you some real examples of what a personal brand can look like so it's relatable:

1. The Expertise Blend: So, I've got this amazing online business marketing course (The Roadmap) that helps entrepreneurs like you rock the digital marketing game. Selling out workshops, booking clients left and right, and supercharging social media engagement – that's my passion.

2. Real-Life Vibes: But hey, I'm not all email marketing this and lead magnets that! I'm all about my fur babies, backyard chickens, and embracing that dopamine hit called cold plunging. These things make me relatable – I'm not just another online business owner, but a real human with hobbies and passions.

3. Show Me the Results: It's not just about talking the talk. I'm here to help you walk the walk. I'm the go-to gal when you're all about getting tangible results, and turning your business dreams into thriving reality.

4. Email Enthusiast: Oh, and let's not forget the magic of email marketing. I geek out about it and share how you can use it to nurture leads, score conversions, and build your loyal tribe.

5. Wholeness Matters: Life isn't just about business, right? I'm all about nurturing my own passions, like digging in the garden and facing the ice bath daily, learning about herbalism because I want to be able to make more of my own tinctures and oils. These things recharge my creative batteries and make me a better business mentor, wife, mom and employee.

6. We're a Community: Join my crew of like-minded entrepreneurs eager to learn and grow together; come engage with me on IG www.instagram.com/julesunscripted

7. Tales That Stick: Stories! I'm all about weaving relatable stories into my advice. I'm just a regular small town girl trying to live my best nature loving entrepreneurial life and will share my awkwardness with the world.

So, see, personal branding isn't just slapping your logo and brand colours on stuff.

It's blending your skills, passions, and real-life moments into a nice little solution that makes you unforgettable.

Don't be afraid to show us your morning routine, your favourite mug you drink your coffee from, or your watercolour artwork.

These are all things that make you YOU....and believe it or not, people are here for it.

The Roadmap Business Marketing Course offers a whole module on Expanding Your Personal Brand