Time, Money or Energy

which of these three are you lacking?


7/21/20232 min read

Let's have a little chat about something we all daydream about – having more time, more money, and more energy to pursue our passions and dreams.

I'll be honest, I used to be stuck in the "never enough" mindset too.

I wanted to dive into the promising world of digital marketing, but I kept telling myself I needed "enough" time, money, and energy first.

But guess what? That perfect moment never seemed to show up!

After engaging in some new mindset work (from a business course I took) reminding us that money and opportunities are available to us - I said Yes.

That's when I had my aha moment. It was time to stop waiting around and start chasing those dreams. So, I said, "bye Felicia" to the "never enough" mindset and jumped headfirst into learning how to start an affiliate marketing business online.

Guess what? It's been nothing short of amazing!

I discovered that I had all the skills and determination needed to start my side hustle right away.

And the best part? I only needed 1-2 hours a day from my phone, anywhere with Wi-Fi!

Now, let's be real here folks – it's not always easy. I got myself turned around and confused in the beginning stages but those were learning moments.

And here's the thing – when you shift your focus from scarcity to abundance, you'll be blown away by the opportunities that come your way.

So, here's my challenge to you: Ditch the waiting game and embrace taking action.

Trust me, the magic is in taking that first step toward abundance.

What dreams have you been holding back? Are you ready to say "yes" to a life of more?

Join me in my favourite "start from scratch" business builder, the "Affiliate Launch Course".

It's 9 Modules that cover everything from picking your niche, personal brand development, email marketing, sales funnels, how to build a website, how to leverage Instagram for your business and more.

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woman with curly hair profile picture