Herbal Academy

No matter where you are in your herbalism journey, there is a Herbal Academy program just for you



7/12/20231 min read

wooden ladle and chopping board with ginger during daytime
wooden ladle and chopping board with ginger during daytime

I found the most amazing company to partner with...The Herbal Academy; the best place for Online Herbalism Education.
Read further to see some of what they offer. I am genuinely through the roof excited right now!

No matter where you are at in your herbal studies, the HERBAL ACADEMY has a program for you.

The INTRODUCTORY HERBAL COURSE is a good place to start if you are new to herbal medicine.

It's a beginner's course filled with easy training guides, recipes, downloadable flipping books and charts to get you well on your way to becoming an herbalist.

The course begins with the basics of:

  • medicine making

  • wildcrafting

  • anatomy

Introduces you to many (many) plants and covers common discomforts for adults and children, and discusses the overarching holistic approach of herbalism.

The INTERMEDIATE HERBAL COURSE begins with an introductory unit as a review, and then quickly advances into the more complex topics.

This program dives in deeper, working through each body system and discussing the herbs; their actions and energetics; their safety and side effects; in-depth coverage of anatomy and physiology; and guidance for herbal formulation.

The ENTREPRENEUR HERBAL COURSE is geared towards herbalists who have already studies and the beginner and intermediate levels, and who want to make and sell their own herbal products.

Lessons on sourcing herbs, Good Manufacturing Practices, labeling requirements, writing a business plan, and creating a brand are some of the many lessons included in this fast-track program.

The ADVANCED HERBAL COURSE is an in-depth program geared toward students interested in becoming clinical herbalists.

This program picks up on the body systems not fully covered in the Intermediate Course, and covers more complex topics including herbal wisdom traditions, health and wellness of men, women and elderly, assessment and herbal therapeutics, and steps to becoming a clinical herbalist; as well as regulatory and legal obstacles facing professional herbalists and herbal products businesses.