Everday I'm Hustling

and why I hate that word



5/22/20231 min read

Okay, I actually don’t love the word "hustle" at all.
Our society has taught us that you’re only as good as the amount of hours you are working away from your family.

However, I do align with the concept of creating multiple streams of income.
I started taking an online digital marketing course and it’s changing everything for me. It’s encouraged me to change my mindset about how I see money. I’ve always seen money as “needed” but something “I didn’t need in excess”. However, I am now realizing that earning more money gives me more freedom.

And that’s what I’m looking for in this period of my life.

Freedom to do.

Freedom to go.

Freedom to have.

Freedom to stay.

My husband and I love to do weekly dinner dates, spontaneous weekend getaways and desire to travel more.
I have big goals to own a country property to expand my modest backyard homestead with goats, chickens, donkeys, ducks and pigs…. and well, let’s be real, that’s not a cheap dream.

Enter in the side hustle (there’s that word again…).
I’m working towards building a community of like minded women and men that want more FREEDOM TO.

Freedom to stay home with their kids.

Freedom to forest school their kids.

Freedom to go on vacations with their spouse and/or kids.

Freedom to renovate.

Freedom to grow.

Freedom to spoil themselves.

Time Freedom.

Think about what it is that lead you here.
Are you looking to earn passive side hustle income?
Are you looking for other wannabe homesteaders (hey that’s me!)
Are you looking to eventually replace your income and work from home.

Because all of those things can be done.