Escape to Connect

with nature and yourself



10/10/20231 min read

woman smelling flower
woman smelling flower

I have a vision for us busy women; the ones with kids in activities and after-school jobs.

The ones with heaps of laundry and pets that you love (but also drive you nuts with all their demands).

For the woman who feels burnt out after work or a day of being at home tending to the household....

I have this vision of us all creating this beautiful escape right in our own backyards.

Where we can wander out and put our hands in the dirt, admire flower petals and witness actual growth before our very eyes.

This is your space of serenity.

Imagine a quiet corner of your world, where the hum of daily life fades away.

A place where you can step out of the chaos, the rush, and the never-ending to-do lists.

This place, it's not just a garden, it's your sanctuary.

It's where the soil meets your fingertips, where the rustling leaves become your favourite song.

In this garden, you escape to connect.

You escape the noise to find a deeper resonance with the world around you. The very act of tending to your plants, watching them grow, and listening to the hum of the bees, becomes a conversation—a conversation with nature and with yourself.

It's here, among the petals and under the open sky, that you discover a profound connection.

You realize that by escaping to this oasis which is in your very own backyard, you're connecting with the essence of life itself.

Your garden becomes a mirror, reflecting back the secrets of Mother Nature and the mysteries of your own soul.

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woman sitting with baby on her lap surrounded with purples flower
woman sitting with baby on her lap surrounded with purples flower